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Nerds Podcast With Jan Willem Alphenaar – How To Scale With LinkedIn Ads

Nerds Podcast with Jan Willem Alphenaar – How to scale with LinkedIn Ads

In this podcast episode we focus on LinkedIn. Most people work organic on LinkedIn and less with paid strategies. We explain why LinkedIn is perfect for B2B marketing and give you some useful hints what you should look out for.

Jan Willem shows you how to start your campaign on LinkedIn, which mistakes you should avoid and how to keep the costs low.

Our 3 Key-Takeaways

  • Analyze customers can help to create a great audience – the better selected the audience, the better the results
  • To evaluate a campaign you have to collect your data over a long period of time to ensure the results
  • Get your measurements right – measure on a micro level

The topics of this episode at a glance

  • 1 Min. Why is LinkedIn perfect for B2B
  • 6 Min. Audience size
  • 10 Min. Audience testing
  • 13 Min. Leads testing
  • 16 Min. Landing page
  • 22 Min. How to do your bidding on LinkedIn 
  • 25 Min. Importance of CPR 
  • 27 Min. Benchmark for CTR
  • 29 Min. Measurement on LinkedIn
  • 36 Min. New features on LinkedIn – Conversation Ad 
  • 40 Min. Retargeting on video viewer

About Jan Willem, the expert of this episode

Jan Willem Alphenaar is trainer, keynote speaker and consultant for the use of LinkedIn for marketing and advertising. With his company Next Business Academy he supports organisations in the field of Social Selling, Advertising, Lead Generation and Content Marketing.

About the Social Marketing Nerds

We, the Social Marketing Nerds are paid social specialists. We help our customers to grow through Paid Social. We focus on the most important push marketing channels at the moment.

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